Craftex Foamtec 30 System - NEW - LEASE AVAILABLE

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Craftex Foamtec 30 Machine – NEW

Foamtec 30 is the medium-sized model in the range of machines in the Foamtec system. This machine allows for complete cleaning and sanitizing of public restrooms by spraying foam, rinsing, then vacuuming.

Clean a room with 50m2 of tiles plus 10 sanitary fixtures in approximately just 15 minutes!

The cleaning process is carried out through four stages:

    1. Spraying of chemical solution on all the surfaces to be cleaned

    2. Chemical action

    3. Rinsing with clean water

    4. Vacuuming of residual liquid from floor


Solution Tank Capacity: 30 litres

Recovery Tank Capacity: 30 litres

Vacuum Motor: 1000W 2 Stage x 1 | 2200mm H20 | 50L/sec (max)

Pump: Piston type | 28 bar (max) | 4L/min (max)

Water Consumption: 30L

Chemical Consumption: 500g

Cable Length: 10 metres

Hose Assembly Length: 7.5 metres

Construction Material: Expanded polyethylene

Machine Weight: 74kg

Machine Size: 380 x 800 x 1050mm