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The Mr Gummy gum removal steam machine is a completely self-contained chewing gum removal system. Incorporating a 6 bar pressure steam boiler with an integral chemical delivery system. The Mr Gummy unit comes complete with trolley mounted generator and trolley and is made from a highly durable stainless steel construction with a continuous fill boiler which makes it ideally suited for large areas of chewing gum removal. The machine is supplied with a complete set of tools and accessories. The steam cleaning process for removing chewing gum has never been easier. By simply injecting a environmentally friendly cleaning agent (RTU/CONC) combined with the steam through the machine, removes the chewing gum effectively leaving a slightly damp surface and no mess. When the steam and cleaning agent is released at the cleaning head at a temperature of approx 180°C it instantly heats up the gum and breaks the it leaving little or no trace. Using this system to remove chewing gum is very cost effective. One person using only approx 40 litres of water in which can be safely stored on the trolley should be able to clean approx 300 square metres with medium pollution in one working day. 




Wattage - 2200W 

Type - Copper 

Capacity - 5 Litres 

Continuous Fill - Yes 

Steam Pressure - 6.5 Litres 

Steam Temperature - 170C 

Steam Control - Yes 


Voltage - 110V single phase 

Cord Length - 10m 


Boiler - 5 Litres 

Cold Water Tank - 10 Litres 

Detergent Tank - 5 Litres (easy fill) 

Weight - 110kg 

User Information: 

Heater On - LED 

Steam Ready - LED 

Cold Water Refill - LED & alarm 

LED Temperature Indicator - Yes 

* Steam at temperatures up to 175°C 

* Up to 6 bar pressure 

* Detergent delivery 

* Continuous fill 

* Steam control switch on handle 

* Stainless steel construction 

* Automatic safety shut off 

* Clear pressure display 

* Wide range of accessories included 

* Simple operator controls 

* Highly manoeuvrable 

* Highly efficient chewing gum remover 

 * Leisure industry 

* Local authority 

* Shopping centres 

* High street 

* Supermarkets 

* Bus stations 

* Internal entrance matting 

* Carpeting 

* Upholstery



  • 6 months warranty

  • PAT Tested


Terms and Conditions – Please read!

  6 Month warranty is included as standard with all our machines.  This covers parts and labour on break downs or faults.  We cannot cover accidental damage, user error or courier damage if the machine was signed and accepted in that condition.

  Delivery for this listing is within the UK mainland, If you are outside this area please contact us for a price.

  Orders are usually received within 5 working days but may take up to 7 days in busy periods, please contact if you are unsure.

  Upon purchase the buyer MUST leave a mobile number or answered landline contact number 



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