Nilfisk Egholm City Ranger 2250 NEW Base Machine with Cab & Coupling (Call for pricing)

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Product Description


The Nilfisk Egholm City Ranger 2250 utility vehicle has a range of special attachments that allows you to work outdoors, all year round.

Sweeping and vacuuming in spring and autumn, mowing grass and lawn-edge cutting in the summer, sweeping snow, and spreading gravel, salt and sand in the winter. The Nilfisk Egholm City Ranger 2250 is market tested, effective and very professional. Designed for versatility, this user-friendly machine is extremely reliable and exceedingly comfortable to operate.

Operating abilities:
The Egholm City Ranger 2250 is equipped with a hydraulic automatic throttle. It automatically controls acceleration and the machine has a transport speed of up to 21 km/h. The attachment follows the terrain and its weight is partially distributed over the machine’s front wheels for perfect machine-attachment weight transmission. Ensuring exceptionally good traction, stability and great results.

The Egholm City Ranger 2250 is articulated, so it can keep close to edges and turn sharp corners.

Strength, power and transmission:
The City Egholm Ranger 2250 has strong traction. With a 34-horse power engine, four-wheel drive and excellent weight distribution, combined with a low point of gravity and a large axle base, the outdoor utility machine is safe and reliable – no matter where or how much work it is doing. It is stable on all terrains.

The Egholm City Ranger 2250 is designed for daily maintenance, so everything is easily accessible. No need to dismantle attachments. The water, oil, air filter and battery can be checked just by lifting a single cover.


Weight with cab 970 kg

Weight without cab / with roll bar ROPS 910 kg

Permitted total weight 1,610 kg

Trailer without brakes – permitted trailer weight max. 750 kg

Permitted combined weight - trailer withour brakes max. 2,050 kg

Trailer with brakes - permitted trailer weight max. 1,500 kg

Permitted combined weight - trailer with brakes max. 2,500 kg

Allowed axle load, front 790 kg

Allowed axle load, rear 820 kg

Tyre size 20 x 10 - 10 / 20”

Tyre pressure 24 psi

Wheel pressure on surface 1.5 kg/cm2

Turning circle radius inside/outside 600/1,6 4 0 mm

Max. speed 20 km/h

Noise level -in accordance with EEC-norm 2009/63 – Passing 77 dB(A)

-in accordance with 2009/76/EF – Operator’s seat 81 dB(A)

Noise level surroundings -in accordance with ISO 3746, 1995 – dome measurement 104 LwA

Motor:Model Perkins diesel 404D-15

EU-norm Stage IIIA

Motor output at 3000 rpm - ECE R24 35 HK /26,5 KW

Fuel consumption:- in accordance with prEN 15429-2 4.8 L/h

Cylinders 4

Tank capacity 38 L

Lubrication system Pressure lubrication system with filter

Oil type 5W/40 API CF, CF-4, CG-4, CH-4

Oil capacity 4.6 L

Air filter Dry element

Cooling system Water-cooled

Heat indication 112o

Starter system Electric start with glow plug