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When the dirt is really heavy on the ground, a serious approach is needed. SR2000, with its large capacity, robust design, and technically advanced features provides fast and efficient cleaning in these heavy-duty applications.

Whether it’s a dirty industry factory floor, building site, parking lot or public park, SR2000 ensures cleaning that is productive and effective. It is easy and comfortable to operate, and its superb filter system keeps dust to a minimum. SR2000 is truly the king of ride-on sweepers.

Top-of-the-line ride-on sweeping.


  • Can carry up to 818 kg of dirt and debris, and dump it to a height of 152 cm
  • Two water resistant panel filters provide an exceptionally large filtering area of 16 m2
  • Power steering and adjustable suspension seat as standard
  • High temperature warning light indicates that hot items have been swept into the hopper
  • Possibility to roll hopper out to move debris forward means reduced need for dumping


  • Motor power source                                                  Diesel 4cyl. 2500, 47.3 hp
  • Motorbrand                                                               Mitsubishi
  • Max speed (km/h)                                                      13
  • Max sweeping speed (km/h)                                      5
  • Sound pressure level (dB(A))                                    92.3
  • Productivity 1 side broom theoretical/actual (m²/h)  21710/15200
  • Working width (mm)                                                 1270
  • Working width w/right side broom (mm)                 1670
  • Min. turn-around aisle width (cm)                            454
  • Max climbing rate (%)                                               21
  • Fuel tank (l)                                                               35
  • Fuel consumption (l/h)                                               6.4
  • Hopper volume (l)                                                     765
  • Max dumping height (cm)                                         152
  • Max dumping weight (kg)                                         818
  • Main filter area (m²)                                                  16
  • Panel filter (m²)                                                         16
  • Side broom diameter (mm)                                        580
  • Length x width x height (cm)                                   246x179x151
  • Operating weight (kg)                                               1724
  • Water thermometer                                                    YES
  • Oil pressure gauge                                                     YES
  • Hour Meter                                                                YES
  • Fuel indicator and gauge                                           YES
  • Power steering                                                           YES
  • Direct throw sweeping                                              YES
  • Variable high dump system                                       YES
  • Battery level indicator                                               YES
  • Adjustable seat                                                          YES



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