Taski Aquamat 45 Carpet Cleaner - Reconditioned

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The TASKI aquamat 45 can be used in both forwards and backwards direction ensuring maximum flexibility and cleaning results

As with the TASKI aquamat 30 the mechanical brushing  action ensures  better and deeper cleaning results.Deep cleaning through spray extraction is the ultimate way of thoroughly cleaning your carpets. It increases the lifetime of your carpets by removing engrained dirt whilst maintaining the high appearance levels of your carpet.

The TASKI aquamat 45 is ideally suited for medium sized carpeted areas and corridors. The large tank capacity reduces the number of refilling stops. The powerful suction results in a shorter drying time. In addition to its spray extraction capability, the TASKI aquamat 45 is also equipped with a brush unit. The mechanical action ensures even better and deeper cleaning results.
The TASKI aquamat 45 brings you:
  • Excellent Deep Cleaning Results
  • Bi-Directional Movement
  • High Productivity
  • Ease of Operation


  • Working Width: 17.7" (45cm)
  • Sound Level: <70 dBA
  • Cord Length: 49' (15m)
  • Brush Speed: 1000 rpm
  • Brush Pressure: 22-37lbs (10-17kg)
  • Solution Tank: 12 gal (45 ltr)
  • Recovery Tank: 12 gal (45 ltr)
  • Weight: 39kg



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