Comac Vispa 35B Scrubber Drier - Refurbished

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Product Description


The smallest 35cm battery powered scrubber on the market. Great for cleaning congested areas where a cable would be a problem.

Due to a clever it design folds to fit in a boot of a small car. Gel filled battery and on board charger connects to any mains socket Price includes battery, battery charger, and scrubbing brush or drive disc.

Vispa 35B is user friendly: just fill up the solution tank with water and detergent, fit the brush and lower the squeegee to start operating.

  • Controls are self explanatory
  • Water flow switch
  • Brush motor switch
  • Suction motor switch

When operating the safety switch, holding both hands on the handle bar, the brush starts to rotate and water to flow. When releasing the safety switch, water flow is interrupted and the brush stops. To switch suction on and off, operate the relevant switch.


Voltage 12 volt

Solution Tank Capacity   10 litre

Recovery Tank Capacity 10 litre

Cleaning Width   350 mm

Pad Size 350 mm

Brush Motor  250 watt

Weight  67 kgs

Length 682 mm

Width    440 mm

Height   1018 mm