Nilfisk BA 551 - Battery Operated Scrubber Dryer - NEW MACHINE

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Product Description


The range of walk-behind scrubber/dryers offers more of everything that is important for floor cleaning efficiency: more productivity, more running time, more ergonomic features, more reliability, more options and more cost-effectiveness.

The Ecoflex system (available in all the battery driven versions) keeps the consumption control, but it also guarantees the possibility to boost temporarily water and detergent for more aggressive cleaning tasks.

That's why Nilfisk scrubber/dryers BA/CA 551/611 are the best solution to make effective floor cleaning a fast, quiet and inexpensive task.

  • Low noise level for daytime cleaning
  • One-touch dashboard operation
  • Ecoflex option, detergent mixing system
  • No-tools for changing squeegee blades
  • Easy access to recovery tank for cleaning and maintenance
  • Traction version with large wheels for easy handling
  • Waterproof electrical control box


Max Running Time                                         3 Hours
Max Speed (km/h)                                          5.6
Volt/frequency (V/Hz)                                     24/-
Rated power (W)                                           1010
Airflow (1/sec)                                                25.3
Sound Pressure Level (dB)                           65.8
Scrubbing width (mm)                                   530
Max climbing rate (%)                                   16
Solution/recovery tank (l)                               55/55
Squeegee width (mm)                                    760
Brush/pad diameter (mm)                              530/508
Brush pressure (kg)                                       21/28
Brush speed (RPM)                                       135
Brush quantity and type                                 1 Disk
Length x width x height (cm)                          132x54x109
Weight (kg)                                                     109
Gross weight (gvw) (kg)                                 255