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All our Hire machines come with the following benefits:

  • Fully Maintained On-Site by the A3 Machines Service Team.

  • Includes training on machine operation and maintenance.

  • Machines are fully serviced before delivery to ensure maximum operation.

  • Machine Delivery and Pickup anywhere in England and Wales

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Product Description


A3 Machines have a range of cleaning machines available for short term and long term hire whether you need it for one day, a week or longer. Floor cleaning machine hire is an ideal option if you’re fulfilling a short term requirement or are simply unsure which machine is most suitable for your situation in the long term and wish to use the machine for a trial period. Hiring also has cash flow advantages as there is no up-front deposit to pay, just a flat monthly payment to make over the agreed term and the longer that period is the lower the payment.

The Tennant scrubber dryer range of industrial cleaning machines offer superior quality. Tennant is a world leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor cleaning machines and has been operating since 1870. The Tennant T7 delivers an advanced state of safety and cleanliness with award-winning FaST technology or ec-H2O technology and a quiet sound level of 67 dBA. The compact design and highly maneuverable handling enable it to clean tight spaces and narrow aisles Features and benefits of the T7 Ride On Scrubber Dryer: The easy to identify yellow maintenance touch points help to save time and money by ensuring maintenance is carried out easily and the machine is properly maintained. FaST (Foam Scrubbing Technology); up to 30% more productivity, up to 30% cost saving and 95% environmental savings on water and detergent ec-H2O Technology; uses 70% less water than conventional scrubbing methods, 100% cost saving on chemicals and scrub 3 times longer with a single tank of water Ergonomic design makes cleaning more comfortable for staff. Clear sight lines and simple controls mean operators can focus solely on their cleaning environment. Quickly replace brushes and squeegees. There are no tools for squeegee maintenance and the blade is factory set at the optimum recovery angle. Long lasting battery packs; provides up to 5 hours of run time.

Listed below are the floor cleaning machine hire charges for the Tennant T7 Ride on Scrubber dryer dated January 2018.

Please note that in most cases we will refund the cost of short term floor cleaning machine hire should you later decide to purchase the machine.







£140 £70 £280 £700 £560

& Training

All prices are listed excluding VAT and are subject to VAT at the current rate.


To get a quote for your own requirement or to discuss the options further please call our machine hire team on 01630 661 596 or contact the team via the A3 Machines Contact Form.